Stick War Legacy Mod Apk 2023.5.201(Unlimited Money / Menu)


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3 月 30, 2024

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2 月 21, 2024

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Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk gives the confidence to name all the enemies’ territories like a hero. The unlimited money, customization, unlocked weapons, and characters will make you a great commander.

坚持战争遗产 Mod APK

The enemies are ready to ruin your states. Does it seem to be frightening? Don’t worry; it’s just a game, but still, you need to apply competitive strategies to command your army against the invaders. So here, the Stick War Legacy Apk will be a plus over the simple game version with various premium features such as Unlimited Money, Unlocked Army Skins, Characters, Weapons, Items Customisation, Campaign Mode, Zombie Mode, etc.


坚持战争遗产 Mod APK


坚持战争 is a strategic-based game that provides challenges to train the army for the zombies (enemies). The game revolves around the battle between the military and enemies to capture the territories. To be successful, you will need to collect the resources to enhance the units and to be confident on the battlefield. The teams keep the army active in attack mode. Therefore, to make and improve your units, money is a must. You can get money from the workers. In this way, there should be a balance between the provisions of the army and workers. Besides, there’s another game 坚持战争 3 Mod APK, you also must try this one.


坚持战争遗产 Mod APK


Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is a strategy game and is the perfect match for people who love strategic thinking. On the first side, the strategy game helps to boost mental abilities and skills. Likewise, the Stick War provides various strategic aspects for making an empire, from training the army to capturing territories. The whole environment seems to be like you are in real life.

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除了 mod 版本之外,《Stick War》还具有出色的功能。

Customized Items

Firstly, the main motive is defeating the enemy with the characters. Characters need weapons to get an advantage over the zombies. Mainly, you can unlock the weapons and characters from the gold to make your army. Also, item customization makes your team efficient.




Afterwards, Zombie mode is more famous due to the graphics. In this phase, you will face the zombies as your opponents and the savage modules will be advantageous for crossing the finish line. The rewards will also depend on how you perform in the zombie mode.



坚持战争遗产 Mod APK




Stick War Legacy 的 mod 版本允许您在没有广告的情况下玩游戏。这样,你就可以统筹全局,排除任何干扰。现在,无需等待广告结束。


Mod Apk 提供无限的金钱,将帮助您保持领先并取得巨大和令人难以置信的成功。您可以用这笔钱购买新物品并改进单位。您将用所有必要的资产来指挥军队。


Characters and weapons are the main keys to success in the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk. For this, you need to unlock them, and the Mod Apk has unlocked characters and weapons. You can even customize the characters to make them more exciting and competitive.

坚持战争遗产 Mod APK


最后,如果您拥有 Stick War Legacy Mod Apk hack,您将拥有无限的一切,从改进的游戏模式到战场上令人兴奋的悬念。所以,别傻了,现在就尝试一下这个模组吧。



  • Engaging and deep strategy gameplay.
  • Unique stick figure visual style.
  • Regular updates and new content.
  • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.
  • Accessible on both Android and iOS.


  • Requires an internet connection for multiplayer mode.
  • Some devices may experience performance issues.

如何下载并安装 Stick War Legacy Mod Apk?

By following the below steps, you can simply download and install this game.

  1. 单击此页面顶部的下载按钮。
  2. 等待 2-3 分钟直至下载完成。
  3. 完成后,转到 Android 设置以启用未知来源。
  4. 之后,进入文件管理器,搜索并打开下载的apk文件。
  5. 然后点击安装开始安装过程。
  6. 最后,游戏就可以玩或享受了。

F常见问题 (FAQ)

《Stick War Legacy》是免费的,但该游戏需要应用内购买才能提高性能

游戏中有暴力和血腥场景。因此,玩《Stick War Legacy》的最低年龄是 13 岁。

是的,下载 Stick War Legacy Mod Apk 是完全没问题或安全的。


总而言之,长期停留在同一个成功水平上可以完成对目标目标的兴趣。同样,静态战争遗产允许为军队设置单位,以便对敌人进行适当的控制。这些单位需要大量资金来进行持续改进。如果你没有宝石,那么你就无法生存。在这种情况下,Stick War Legacy Mod Apk 可以通过无限金钱和其他高级功能来保持您的分数或领先地位。令人兴奋的新模式促使你的战略思维更具竞争力。所以,随波逐流,无需支付一分钱。



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