Dolls Division Mod Apk v3.1.26 (Unlimited Lives + Free Shopping)


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March 28, 2024

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February 24, 2024

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Design a dream world with your doll and have endless fun. Create a character from scratch and gather the resources to upgrade your doll. Indeed, the Dolls Division game provides a simple interface with intuitive controls. The simple gameplay directs you to master minimum skills and get more with a few controls. You can engage with different puzzles and sort them to unlock new in-game items. The gameplay allows you to progress through different game levels where you can solve puzzles and make decisions to gather accessories. On the other hand, the Dolls Division Mod Apk unlocks premium features without paying charges. 

What Is Dolls Division Apk?

Dolls Division Apk renders simple gameplay with HD graphics, smooth navigation, straightforward mechanics, and fun-based challenges. The gameplay takes you to the sky to experience different adventures. Indeed, different game levels share the same behaviour, controls, and graphics. Of course, the background theme and music remain the same throughout your interaction with the game. Click the “Start” or “Continue” button to start any game level. 

The game supports Android; this way, you can indulge in fun activities anytime while working in the office. The official game version allows you to start with the initial level, and you cannot proceed further before completing a previous one. You get the container to collect the resources, and it’s your choice where you pick the dress or a boy for the date. You can apply your creativity to enhance your experience because the game does not bind you with a restrictive interface. 

What is Dolls Division Mod Apk? 

The modified or alternative version is known as Dolls Division Mod Apk. Players can’t fully enjoy the original version and face so many limitations. For each customizing item, you need to pay money. In contrast, the modified version offers unlimited money, lives, and boosters. These unlimited resources maximize your gaming experience to the heights, and you are freely entertained with the gameplay. Nothing will be locked and restricted in this variant because it is accessible to all by providing you a free purchase feature. Players usually are more in love with the modded APK due to its boundless features. So, download the latest version from our website at no cost!   


The Dolls Division provides arcade gameplay where you can create or design a doll. You can design a character from scratch, which allows you to select between different skins, hair colours, eye colors, outfits, shoes, and other hair accessories. The gameplay boosts your creativity in the game modes, where you design stylish clothes for your character. So, upgrade your fashion sense, practice different designs, and pick the best one.

The game permits you to control your character to gather different items, which can be more characters and resources. You can collect power-ups while running on the track. Ultimately, you will have several game accessories to customize your world, character, and experience. You get the challenges of designing your doll regularly and shopping for your character. You can also colour the clothes to change the doll’s looks. 

Main Features Of Dolls Division Mod Apk

Design and Decorate Your Doll

The Dolls Division Apk allows you to design a doll from scratch. You can start the designing process with the selection of skin colour. You can select the required body posture, size, height, and weight. You can also use your favourite eye, hair, and eyebrow colours. You can do everything according to your requirements. 

Go for Shopping

You can purchase different items from the game shop in the Dolls Division Apk. The game directs you to unlock new outfits, shoes, hair accessories, and more according to your creativity. You can also design the outfit from scratch. You can use different colour combinations according to your liking factor. You can also purchase different accessories in Tank Stars Mod Apk.

Simple Interface

The game offers an interactive interface where you can perform different activities. You can drag and drop different items. You can also pick accessories to stock the game items for later use. In this case, you must explore the game shop and complete the gaming levels. 

Simple Controls 

Every game level requires you to collect different items according to your needs. For instance, you can run to gather the characters and resources. You can pick everything or a few resources. The game features on-screen controls to skip or pick the item. 

Dolls Division Mod Apk Unlimited Lives

Dolls Division Mod Apk Features 

Unlimited Lives 

The official version doesn’t give enough amount of lives in Dolls Division. They get automatically upset when their lives go down and can’t fully concentrate on the gameplay. But if you play with Dolls Division Mod Apk, you get unlimited lives, which means players can put their complete attention on the customization of characters. 

Infinite Boosters 

Boosters are super essential tools in the Dolls Division video game. They help players beat tough levels by solving tricky puzzles. Usually, you must buy these boosters in the official game or wait for them to return. But in the Mod version, you can get unlimited boosters for free! With all these boosters, you can breeze through even the most challenging levels quickly.

Unlocked All Levels 

Players must first complete puzzles to unlock new levels in the standard version. This process is a bit struggling. On the other hand, Dolls Division Mod Apk, provides you unlocked all levels. So, players won’t need to wait to unlock the new ones because they’re able to select their desired levels to start playing the game. Thus, the Granny Mod Apk also unlocks all the game stages. 

Free Purchases 

To buy customization accessories like outfits, shoes, and hair items, you first need to pay money. Without money, you can’t be able to purchase anything from the in-app shop. But we’re providing you Dolls Division Mod Apk, by which you can avail of all the premium resources for free. 

No Ads 

Enjoy an Ad-free experience by downloading the Dolls Division Mod. With this modded variant, players amaze themselves with uninterrupted gameplay, free from advertisements.

PROs & CONs 


  • The game features simple controls to enhance user experience.
  • The game is free to play.
  • The mod supports free in-game purchases. 
  • The light theme keeps you focused on the gameplay. 
  • You can customize your doll with unlimited resources.


  • The game has repetitive levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Yes! The game is safe to play and download. Players can install it without any problem or worries. 

Yes! It can be played offline even when you don’t have an internet connection.

No! Because it offers all the players free purchases and makes it easier to access in-game items.

Final Verdict 

Dolls Division provides a simple gameplay where your task is to design your doll. You can make your imaginative character and unlock different accessories for your doll. The game features light themes, an interactive interface, and simple controls. Additionally, the Dolls Division Mod Apk unlocks all the premium features for free. You can purchase in-game items without paying money. 

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